We believe that good governance is the cornerstone of
sustainable infrastructure development. 

With every new project, we are ensuring that local communities are given the opportunity to explain their needs and relationship with the infrastructure we provide. A myriad of people become connected to and are affected by the work we do, be it our operational processes, project management style, or the end services our platforms provide. It’s essential to consider everyone we affect with our work and to ensure that people are heard and positive actions taken. 

Corporate Social Responsibility (CRS) Expertise:

  • Job creation in developing communities

  • Governance Capability and Capacity Building 

  • Inclusion and Diversity

  • Supply chain due diligence

  • Socially responsible business practices

Infrastructure plays a vital role in the social, economic, cultural, and environmental well-being of any community, city or nation. It can provide:

  • Essential services such as transportation, clean water supply/purification facilities such as sewage treatment plants, and energy distribution networks (electricity grids). 

  • Employment opportunities directly related to a project’s design and construction. 

  • Improvements in quality of life, by providing public spaces such as parks or plazas with recreational amenities. 

  • New technologies that can enhance productivity at work sites. 


Socially responsible and sustainable infrastructure development is a driver of a stable society


Societally responsible and sustainable infrastructure development is a driver of stability for society.


The United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals include Goal 11, to, 

"Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable".

This goal can only be achieved with an increase in disaster relief funding and social services such as health care or education. Additionally, it could ensure that all people have access to clean water by 2030. This would require more investment into public sanitation systems like wastewater treatment plants or sewage networks. 


Social responsibility is the bedrock to all our company decisions, and is reflected in how we support our staff, suppliers, clients and everyone connected to the work we’re proud to do. 

“When the solution helps move a system from an equilibrium that is unjust
(where there is suffering, exclusion or marginalization) and helps establish a new, more just, equilibrium then social entrepreneurship is at work.” 

Oscar Auliq-Ice