The Laconic Approach to Innovation

To innovate, Laconic discovers how to catalyze systems for emergence. We do that by loosening project definition constraints to stimulate a shift from traditional stepwise infrastructure development to an ecosystem approach that includes values-driven design, sustainable technology, and profitable business practices. Our approach to innovation includes:

  • Operations Research in collaboration with academic institutions

  • Environmental Characterization to identify Essential Variables 

  • Outcome Modeling and Simulation 

  • Material Science and Engineering for infrastructure, platforms, and sensors for our Outcome as a Service offerings  

  • Systems Integration across Laconic’s areas of Expertise 

  • Continual assessments to amplify or dampen system variables 

  • Adjacent ‘foraging’ research 

  • Narrative and Storytelling 

The Natural State

The Sun is a fusion reactor that releases energy by combining tiny atoms resulting in a single, heavier atom. One hundred forty-seven million kilometers from the earth, we observe the interaction of elements that results in life-generating energy.

From these interactions, many narratives were created and remain around humans' and civilizations' relationship to the Sun. Some narratives might have faded into history. What continues is a complex relationship of humans and technology that advance civilization - ideally to a state of human flourishing. 

Laconic's approach to innovation keeps this delicate relationship at the front of mind. Much like the practical and actionable Discourses by Epictetus around the year 100, Laconic approaches innovation with an eye towards Eudaimonia, or human flourishing. While innovation is not defined singularly, it comprises an entangled activity of value creation to achieve an outcome.

Complexity research drives our innovative approach and focuses on the way things are put together, the way they interact with one another, and the way they're changing - all at once. Our Innovation Model catalyzed the development of Outcomes as a Service - to deliver infrastructure for our clients to flourish. 

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"Intelligence is the ability of a species to live in harmony with its environment."

Captain Paul Watson