Laconic develops infrastructure projects by first evaluating natural infrastructure and developing our projects in harmony with ecological and social systems, for a sustainable outcome


 There was a time when the world’s resources seemed infinite.  That time has passed, and few would argue against the necessity for increased care and custodianship of our planet’s fragile ecosystems.

As human populations grow, we are forced to focus on the relationship between cities and the natural world. Cities consume most of our required natural resources and therefore need to be carefully designed and overhauled for sustainability. 

The work that Laconic undertakes enables the creation of more efficient, cleaner, resilient and sustainable cities, in which ecology is of paramount importance. 

When looking at the essential systems within a city, we prioritize:

  1. Socio-economics

  2. Drinking water, storm water and wastewater infrastructure

  3. Energy systems

  4. Transportation infrastructure

  5. Waste management

  6. Land-use 

  7. Natural environment. 

Just like nature, cities have an interconnectedness that make them complex, adaptive systems, where a continual resource exchange takes place and the parts cannot enable understanding of the whole. 


Laconic is committed to ‘ecological infrastructure’ which integrates nature in applied models of sustainability to increase renewable energy and reduce and reuse all forms of waste.  

“The major problems in the world are the result of the difference between how nature works and the way people think.”

Gregory Bateson

We're committing to a precautionary and proactive approach to environmental challenges

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  • Identify and mitigate our own harmful outputs into the environment  

  • Increase resilience through multiple approaches to climate change problems

  • Commit to net zero in our company by 2025

  • Commit capital to research and development 

  • Protect restore and sustain customer assets in response to climate change. 

  • Co-create our visions  to mitigate environmental impact and improve environmental performance and resilience

  • Integrate our environmental commitments into our project development strategies 

Our clients are chosen for their commitment to making a positive environmental impact

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